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Car Rentals

Find a Rental Car for Your Bodrum Holiday


Rental Types

Minimum perion is 24 hours. Less than 24 hours car rental is charged as full day.

Rates are inclusive of unlimited free kilometers, third party liability, insurance (up the limits), costs of lubrication, and technical maintenance. The cost of petrol, collosion damage wavier, delivery collection feees, one way fees, child seats, roof racks and mandatory value added tax at 18% are added on separately.

Drivers License and Limits

For groups B, C, D minimum age requirements is 21 with at least one year of valid driving license. Groups E, F, G, H, 23 years of minimum age with 2 years of valid driving license is required.

Additional Driver

In order to have additional person(s) (max, 3 persons) drive the car along with original renter. The details of their driver license(s) must be registered in the rental agreement at the time of issuing contact (Fee, 2 Usd/day) Otherwise all insurance coverage become void and financially for and all damages and losses to bodrumtours' property as well as to third parties.

Long Term Rentals

Minimum rental period is 30 days for long term rentals. The contract with special rates and conditions is ed for long term rentals. Please contact our offices for further details.

Delivery and Pick Up

Free delivery and collections fro cars at bodrumtours' stations within office hours (Airport office 24 hours service) Delivery and collection outside city limits of station are charged extra. For service fees and further details, contact our offices.

Delayed Returns

If the vehicle is returned after the agreed return time, 1/3 of the dailiy rental rates is charged for every excess hour. If the delay is exceeded by 3 hours, the full day rental rate is charged e.g. the applicable rate.

One-way Rentals

Oneway rentals are allowed to other locations with prior confirmation and are subject to applicable one way service fees in the event a vehicle is rented and returned to a different location. One-way fees are depending on the distance. For service fess and further details, contact our offices.


Full payment of the rental is charged by a valid credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Dinners Club, Prestige Card) or cash at the time of rental. No deposit is required from the holders of authorized credit cards.


There are two types of protection insurance offered bodrumtours. The first type is the mandatory insurance, applied by the government rules that is third party liability insurance and the second type is the voluntary insurance and waivers which are the collision damage waiver, CDW fees changes depending on the groups and is changed at the time of rental. However, if the car is driven, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, above the legal speed limits if the traffic report and alcohol report is not submitted within 48 hours, collosion damage waiver (CDW) is considered void, the driver is kept responsible for the damage if CDW is not accepted and in the event of the theft of the vehicle, if the vehicle is found within 30 days, the lesses is responsible to pay for the rental charges up to the date the vehicle is found if the vehicle is not found in 30 days, the lesses is responsible to pay the current value of the vehicle. Insurance does not cover tyre punctures, windscreen or headlight breakage, theft of sprare tyre or registration plates and theft of personal belongings of the client. Request for permission for additional driver must be made at the time the car is rented. Otherwise, insurance becomes void. Additional driver fee is 2,-Usd per day (for each driver)

Traffic Fines

Tickets and subsequest administrative sanctions resulting from traffic violations incurred during the rental period are charged to the rental. bodrumtours is authorized the charge from the renter's credit card, all the traffic fines of the renter, whichcomes after or during the rental period.


Client is responsible pay the petrol cost. The difference between the petrol level is checked at the end of the rental. If the petrol level is less than the beginning the difference will be charged to the client.

Please obey all the traffic rules and speed limits!

Please fasten your seat belts during all journey !

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